Company info

Using contemporary science, TET METABOLIC Research intends to bring innovative and effective Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements to aid the optimal functioning of the human cellular energetic process, to enhance metabolism.

Metabolism, the breakdown of nutrients to provide the energy and the building blocks to spur life, is the crossroad of diet and health. Impaired metabolism is associated with disorders such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) and cardiovascular diseases. Efficient Metabolism and optimal energy utilization are central to a healthy body. At TET METABOLIC Research, we focus on effective nutraceuticals and dietary supplements that support efficient metabolism.

What We Strive For

Quality is the bedrock of all our work. While the science is geared toward unearthing efficacious and results-driven products, we never lose sight of Safety. Our aim is to have healthy and happy customers with whom we can develop life-long relationships. To this end, we have made quality, efficacy and safety the centerpiece of all our products. Also, we strive for environmental sustainability in our production processes.

About us

TET Metabolic is a start-up headed by an expert metabolic scientist with research background in obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and a clinician with experience in cardiovascular diseases. Our collective experience in the life sciences fuels our objective of researching and bringing to the public safe and effective nutraceuticals and natural dietary supplements to promote optimum metabolism. Optimum metabolism is central to good health. Poor nutrition, aging and stress for example, slows down metabolism leading to accumulation of body fat which triggers several conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes and others. For these reasons, we focus attentively on the cellular energetic processes of the metabolic machinery in our research for dietary supplements.


While there are several companies offering different nutritional supplements, TET Metabolic’s only focus is unearthing nutraceutical products which support the metabolic machinery of the body. Supported by ample scientific evidence, we believe the efficient functioning of the metabolic machinery is central to healthy life.